Who we are

Citadel Space Systems was founded with one goal – to revolutionise the nanosatellite industry with cubesat platforms that can stand up to the most demanding payloads and mission profiles out there.

We are currently based in the UK, close to the Harwell Innovation Campus – a rapidly growing hub for the space industry in the country. Additionally, we have Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) facilities in Spain, including an ISO7 cleanroom, high-vacuum chamber with propulsion test and thermal bakeout capability, and access to vibration tables and TVAC chambers for qualification purposes.

We are working to partner with a US-based company developing new types of electric propulsion. We aim to deliver a highly integrated, game changing propulsion system that will maximise our nanosatellite capabilities and provide the most amount of payload volume for our customers.

The Team

Ben Cartwright
Founder / Director

Spacecraft Systems and
Electronics Engineering
Julian Fernandez
Founder / Director

Engineering and Project Management
Michael Bretti
Propulsion Development Partner
Applied Ion Systems LLC