Partnership with Astropreneurs H2020


Julian Fernandez – Director

Citadel Space Systems to join Astropreneurs Horizon 2020 programme for business development and mentorship

Oxfordshire, UK – 13th Jun 2020 – Citadel Space Systems Ltd (CSS) announced today that it has been selected to participate in the European Astropreneurs space startups accelerator. This programme, backed by the European Commission through an H2020 grant, is intended to support startups and SMEs in the space sector for the creation of viable business cases and faster market approaches. Citadel Space Systems will leverage the mentoring provided by Astropreneurs to further develop its business model, technical capabilities and access to private and public funding sources.

Through Astropreneurs, CSS will use their mentorship to better capitalize on their target market and global opportunities while having access to a network of investors, industry advisors and supporting agencies. 

About Citadel Space Systems – @citadelspacesys

Citadel Space Systems are developing a series of pico- and nanosatellite platforms with an emphasis on enabling science missions with extensive requirements.  This includes “simple” mission profiles like those in LEO (Low Earth Orbit), but extends to include more ambitious mission concepts Beyond Earth Orbit – explored by nanosatellites only once before.

CSS are building three platforms – “Squire” – an open source pocketqube platform, will aid amateurs and research institutes with smaller budgets to take part in the growing space industry and fly experiments of their own.  “Knight” – a 1U to 3U cubesat platform, is built to bridge the gap between educational cubesats and cutting edge technology demonstration missions, and is specialised to function in Near Earth Orbits.  Finally, “Paladin” is a 6U to 16U platform that is designed from first principles to operate the most demanding payloads in the most demanding mission profiles – deep space exploration.


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